What You Need To Know

In the Theatre

The anaesthetist will attach machines which measure your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels.

Local and regional anaesthetics:

  • you must keep quite still while the injections are given;
  • you may notice a warm tingling feeling as the anaesthetic starts to work;
  • only when you and your anaesthetist are certain that the area is numb will your Surgeon start the operation;
  • if you are not having sedation you will remain alert and aware of your surroundings. A screen prevents you seeing the operation;
  • your anaesthetist is always near you.

General anaesthetics:

There are two ways of starting a general anaesthetic:

  • anaesthetic drugs are injected into a vein through a cannula¬†(luer). This is the usual way for adults;
  • you can breathe anaesthetic gases and oxygen through a mask.

When you are unconscious, your Anaesthetist continues to give you drugs to keep you anaesthetised. The anaesthetist stays with you at all times. As soon as the operation is finished, the drugs will be stopped or reversed so that you regain consciousness.

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