We are the first private Anaesthetic Group established in Auckland.

Epsom Anaesthetic Group began in 1965 by three anaesthetists, Dr Niels Theilman, Dr Derry Lawler and Dr Ross Manning. From the outset, these doctors were pioneers in the practice of private anaesthesia in Auckland, introducing several innovations such as the first ventilator, a unique gas vaporizer and private dental anaesthesia. The first recovery room at Mercy Hospital resulted from Dr Thielman’s work.

In 2016, Epsom Anaesthetic Group transitioned to Epsom Anaesthesia Partnership and has grown into a busy practice of over 70 Anaesthetists working with over 100 Surgeons in the Auckland region.

Whilst we are continuously growing, we follow a methodical selection process when choosing quality anaesthetists. To continue our mission to provide a high standard of anaesthetic care, our anaesthetists are continually updating their skills, knowledge and expertise.

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