Southern Cross affiliated provider cases (SXAP)

Anaesthetist fees for Southern Cross affiliated provider cases are directly billed to the lead provider. If you are covered by the Southern Cross Affiliated provider scheme and receive an invoice, please notify us to amend the invoice to go to the lead provider.


Southern Cross Non-affiliated cases

Obtain a prior-approval before the procedure.

If you are undergoing more than one procedure where one is covered under the affiliated provider scheme and other is privately covered. You will be receive an invoice for the private (non-affiliated) part of the procedure.

Submit the invoice with the claim form to Southern Cross


Other Medical Insurance and Prior approval cases

Obtain (if possible) a prior approval before the procedure. Please check with your insurance provider regarding payment.

It is your responsibility to forward the claim form along with ALL the invoices to your insurance company.

If your insurance company does not cover the full amount an invoice for the balance will be sent to you for payment.

This also applies if you have a prior approval from your insurance company.


Overseas Insurance

Overseas patients are requested to contact us immediately to settle the account or advise us of any prior payment arrangement

You must provide a Letter of Guarantee along with the contact person information for payment of the anaesthetist professional service. Please email this information to reception@eag.co.nz.

NB: The Privacy Act does not allow us to act on your behalf. Epsom Anaesthesia has no agreement or processing arrangement with New Zealand medical insurers. The anaesthetic invoice is always separate to that of the Surgeon and Hospital.

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